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All business is built on relationships – between and amongst people. People still do business with people – people they know, like and trust.

About Maria Elena

Compelling, not chasing, conversations


Maria Elena works with and advises communities, identifying and nurturing communication and providing tools to provide a compelling context to make relationships profitable. With over 478,500 connections she’s responsible for, Maria Elena inspires through empowerment and provides tools for clarity and unity that activate team members and brand ambassadors.


Maria Elena coaches businesses in clarity about their business and marketing objectives. She provides practical support to solve problems and eliminate obstacles. Her focus is in providing guidance, structure and support to make your business relationships work, and skill building in developing internal and external brand advocates. She focuses on the people in and around your brand. When people feel engaged and valued – they will advocate and produce for your brand. People still do business with people. And, they do and refer business to people they know, like and trust.


Maria Elena creates conversation, community, connection and commerce around your brand. From start-ups and new launches, to conversations and synchronized efforts between and through departments, to advocates and ambassadors around and within your business – Maria Elena’s workshops and programs focus on the relationships between people who make up your brand.


Maria Elena focuses on appreciation at the workplace and appreciation in business. She helps supervisors and managers effectively communicate appreciation and encouragement to their employees, resulting in higher levels of job satisfaction, healthier relationships between managers and employees, and decreased cases of burnout. Understanding an individual's primary and secondary languages of appreciation can assist managers and supervisors in communicating effectively to their team members. And, it can help businesses make the connection needed to inspire others to speak positively on their behalf.


Maria Elena Duron is a connector, trainer and coach – making relationships profitable .Duron is a Constant Contact – Authorized Local Expert and a Premier Partner with Appreciation at Work. She is a trainer on email marketing, social media marketing and appreciation marketing. Duron is also a national ambassador and brand marketing mentor for Alignable, Nurph, Brand Yourself and Branded.Me.

Maria Elena has over 18 years experience supporting small business with a background in marketing, advertising, non-profit marketing as well as first-hand knowledge of owning her own business. She has earned the Texas Governor’s Excellence in Small Business Award, Texas Person of Vision Award, Best of Texas Team Building and Training Award and Business Women of the Year.

Maria Elena draws from her experience to be a valuable resource to small businesses, companies, non-profits and associations and to move, touch and inspire others to action. She has presented for organizations including the Search Marketing Expo – Social Media Marketing International Conference, Massachusetts Conference for Women, Texas Conference for Women, InnoTech International Conference, National Society for Hispanic MBAs, Association of Energy Service Companies National Conference, SBA, SBDC, CBS-TV and many chambers of commerce and associations.

Duron created and moderates one of the top six twitter chats in the world for business, Brandchat. Maria Elena is also Editor-in-Chief of a blog that Forbes lists as the number one career blog, the Personal Branding Blog. She is a columnist for US News & World Report, Yahoo Small Business Advisor, AllBusiness, Small Business Trends and a few dozen other publications and is also a special guest columnist with Fox Business.

Prior to focusing on Marketing Strategy and Multi-channel relationship development, Maria Elena worked in the training and development field providing time management and goal setting seminars and in the non-profit field in leadership, workforce and donor development

Maria Elena Duron specializes in creating community, connection, conversation and commerce around your brand. She works with small business owners and entrepreneurs on how to manage their personal brand, the conglomeration of personal brands in their company, and marketing for profitable results. Duron helps them with their brand online and offline, leverage their expertise and connections and generate a profitable return on relationships.

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Educate & Activate A Profitable Return on Relationships Around Your Brand

Maria Elena has spoken to thousands of businesses, entrepreneurs and executives around the nation inviting and exciting them to understand the languages of appreciation; empowering them to be great at marketing, developing and empowering brand advocates.
More than any other influence, company culture shapes the distinctive way employees behave as they turn the brand promise into breakthrough customer experiences.

What is your unique promise of value?

Brand Yourself

Brand Yourself

Solid steps on creating a community around your brand, online and offline.

Align Your Brand

Align Your Brand

Word of mouth in a social world, the engagement marketing cycle, and how your audience can use that engagement to drive social visibility.

Social SMART Marketing

Social SMART Marketing

Supervisors and managers – effectively communicate appreciation and encouragement to their employees.

The 5 Languages of Appreciation

Workplace & In Business


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32341 Participants
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1449226 Connections

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Genuinely appreciating the people that make up your brand, connects them to your brand values resulting in your team, customers and advocates feeling valued.

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Inspiration Through Empowerment

  • Maria is the best editor for the Personal Branding Blog that I could have asked for. She's very talented at managing content, building relationships with contributors and for selecting the right images and adhering to the blog formatting. I recommend her as one of the top personal branding content producers, editors and consultants.

    Dan Schawbel, New York Times & WSJ Bestselling Author of Promote Yourself, Forbes & Inc. 30 Under 30, Gen Y Career & Workplace Expert

  • Maria is an expert on marketing a business, from initial concept to execution. Using her methods, a business can get moving toward achieving its goals and objectives quickly. She is an expert facilitator as well and is adept in structuring encounters so she quickly gets you to enunciate your strategies and helps you mightily to identify the sequential actions required to implement these strategies.

    Mott Williamson, Principal and Consultant

  • Maria is an expert in her field of work. We have hired her on several occasions and each time she has exceeded our expectations. Her presentations make you get out of your comfort zone and give you the confidence to implement your ideas.

    Rachel Stone, President CEO at Midland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

  • I have now worked with Maria in several different environments from chamber events to business networking trainings. Maria is one of the strongest, most trustworthy, loyal, and brilliant business entrepreneurs I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is and has been one of my biggest assets and resources in my growth as a business person. Through connections, Maria has helped me make the most of my networking time. She trains you how to make every introduction a true business connection. Every business person would be lucky to have Maria as a connection, associate, speaker, and/or trainer.

    Seth Flowers, General Manager, UniFirst

  • Well respected in her field because of her dedication and compassion, posses the utmost desire to bring the best in you and believes that YOU are what it take to be successful

    Ramon Doria, Owner, Comfort Keepers

  • Maria is the BEST Career Coach I have every met! If you are trying to grow your business, Maria is a wonderful resource to have in your corner . I'm still amazed at the wealth of knowledge that she has. Do your self a favor.....hire Maria!

    John Love, Owner, PaperWerks & Midland City Councilman

  • I feel so fortunate that I have had the opportunity to know and work with Maria. She is an expert in her field and she has given me such wonderful ideas on how to improve my personal brand, how to achieve career success, and ultimately how to work more efficiently, effectively, and successfully. With Maria's guidance I know that I will become better and better in my chosen profession -- and my personal life as well -- and I am so excited about the road ahead!

    Lisa Massey, Account Manager

  • I highly recommend Maria Duron for business coaching, personal branding, and motivational speaking. I have personally attended some of Maria's coaching and networking events and have walked away a better equipped person with timely tips on improving my company and myself. Maria is truly one who is not out for herself only, but what she can help contribute to your own efforts.

    Barb Peacock, Business Owner

  • Maria Elena is a treat! I attended a seminar she did for our chamber including a private lunch. Maria Elena was filled with great ideas, but great ideas are only as good as the delivery. Her entertaining manner left my mind racing with things to do to improve my branding. If you have the opportunity to be involved in anything Maria Elena does, make it a priority!

    Elsa Maria, Business Owner

  • What can I say about Maria! Maria has more energy than anyone I know! She's motivational, inspirational and sensational! A huge dynamo in a little frame! Maria is passionate about growing small businesses and works with diligence and detail with each of her clients. As a speaker, Maria is - again - a dynamo! People who hear her speak have wonderful things to say about her. They always as for more! Maria appreciates those who help her in her business! She has great communication skills and loves technology!

    Eydie Stumpf, Consultant

  • I have known Maria in a variety of capacities - a community leader, a volunteer, a business trainer, and a friend. In all instances, she delivered. As a leader, Maria touches her community in many ways. If there is a cause, she is there. As a volunteer, she was an excellent committee chair who provided direction, guidance and results. As a trainer, Maria conveys the principles of relationship networking that are understandable, memorable, and ultimately, actionable.

    John Land, Managing Director - External Operations at City of Farmers Branch

  • I've known Maria for 20 years and worked with her in numerous capacities. I have always found her to be dedicated, thorough, professional and results oriented. In addition to these qualities, her personality makes working with her an exceptional experience.

    Paul Clarke, Training Director