Appreciation at Work

Appreciation at Work

The key to making the appreciation languages in the workplace “work” is implementation.
In this presentation, your takeaways are:

  • Build more positive relationships within your team.
  • Reduce cynicism, sarcasm, and distrust among coworkers.
  • Increase your understanding of each other’s differences.
  • Create a more enjoyable work environment for management, staff, and volunteers.

Our consultation services include, but are not limited to, the following elements:

  • Supplying Appreciation at Work™ training sessions for management and leadership teams.
  • Conducting a “kick-off” presentation for large groups.
  • Providing a complete training process for multiple work groups, including interviews with key leaders, group training sessions, follow-up resources and implementation.

Maria Elena Duron is a premier partner and National Trainer with Appreciation at Work.